Mega-Rich Celebrities Whose Net Worth Will Make You Gasp

The biggest perk of being a celebrity and A-lister is not that you have plenty of fans and get recognized everywhere you go, but rather, it’s having limitless money and the ability to own anything without worrying about the price tag that comes with it!

Not to take away from the fact that these stars are also very hard working and most of them have earned the fame and money they enjoy today. And then there are those who were terrible at managing their wealth and soon needed bankruptcy lawyers!

Who has the biggest bank account and who should immediately fire their wealth managers? Click on ‘Next’ to find out!

Dennis Rodman: ~ $500,000

Retired professional basketball player, actor and questionable diplomat to North Korea, Dennis Rodman had a very successful career and was a multi-millionaire at some point of time and earned $27 million from just his NBA salary. His downfall began in 2012 when he appeared in court as he had owed $800,000 in unpaid child support to one of his former wives. Adding to his financial woes was expensive divorces and terrible spending habits on cars, homes and bad investments. We wonder what he will do to recover financially.

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